True story... Without us knowing we were 3 girls rocking records in different girl-rooms. Crushing on the same Jagger and like true teenage rebels toasting with an underage beer. Growing up with a Woodstock spirit -ripped denim, vintage shopping, tattoos and old vinyl’s was a part of everyday life. Fashion was a lifestyle and a passion, and this time it brought us 3 together. 


We finally got the band together and launched our own label. NGHTBRD.


The NGHTBRD garments are made with playfulness and courage. Whether inspired by endless romantics, lords of dog town or raging hippies, each collection has an underlying feeling of true vintage rock’n’roll yet ever so romantic.

Street fashion and core denim run through every collection and the brand has developed a clear translation of trend that stands strong in the fashion market. This is a brand unafraid of change and produces contemporary, wearable shapes against the backdrop of ever evolving themes and what music currently playing in the designers playlist.